Nutrition of a Probiotic beverage

Q: Doesn’t water kefir have sugar?  How many calories and carbs are in a bottle?

A: Like most probiotic beverages, Mór Culture is made using organic cane sugar. Why? Very simply, this is the food of the Living Culture! While the kefir ferments, the living cultures eat the sugar as their food giving life to more healthy PROBIOTIC bacteria and B vitamins as well as 'expel' a light carbonation. We pride ourselves on the fact that our product is ALIVE and not just a “diet” drink with added probiotics. This is the GOOD stuff, truly healthy, made with love in small hand-crafted batches.  We never have “added” sugar. After our base is fermented, we flavor only with the freshest organic fruit for an infusion of flavor. Even then, the probiotics will continue their cycle by eating the sugars from the fruit.

Q: Does water kefir have an expiration date?

A: No, Mór Culture Water Kefir is a living, fermented beverage of good bacteria and no proteins. For the sake of taste, knowing the probiotics continue to eat the natural fruit sugars from flavor infusion, we recommend consuming within a year from date of purchase.

Q: What are the nutritional facts and top 3 probiotics of Mór Culture?

A: This is a LIVING beverage and the nutrition is constantly changing.

We had our product tested immediately after being bottled, and it contained:

TOP 3* Probiotic Strains:

Bifidobacterium bifidum, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus

*There are many more, and we hope to do further testing in the future.